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Booking World-Class Jazz & Soul Music is just an email away --- and no, it won't cost a fortune!

Please use our convenient form at the left to describe how we can make your next event or music project even better. Rates and groups are fairly customized to fit your budget, audience, and event.  

We promise honest, professional, reliable, drug-free, engaging, and of course, extremely talented artists with each booking contract, as our reputation has counted on for over 11 years. 

Phone: 1.303.997.2881.  

TIMKAT Entertainment LLC

-- Registered LLC in Good Standing with Colorado Sec'y of State, ID #20071477659, formed Oct 16, 2007. -- Voting Member, National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (GRAMMY Awards), 2008+ -- Lifetime composer and publisher, ASCAP, 2012+